ChildSmiles Dental where:

  1. Children receive dental care at their school.
  2. There is no cost to parents.
  3. Registration is required.

what we offer


ACCESS to Dental Care in the School Setting

In the school setting, we provide dental screenings that include education, preventive dental services and any necessary referrals that will have a positive effect on the oral health status of your child.  An important component of our program is providing referrals to local dentist to establish a dental home and provide early intervention and/or restorative treatment for the child.   We are a team dedicated to improving and maintaining your child's oral health in partnership with parents. 


ACCESS to Dental Sealant Placement

Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating painted on the chewing surface of back teeth and they protect the deep grooves from developing cavities.  Dental sealants can be placed on your child's teeth at school are are highly effective in preventing decay on the biting surfaces of your child's chewing teeth. 


ACCESS to 1-on-1 SmileCare Lessons

 Good oral health habits, regular dental check-ups by a dentist and community oral health awareness are key components in the  prevention  of dental disease. These components help  children establish the foundation for a lifetime of optimal oral health.  We not only provide quality oral health care in the school setting but we provide each child with the tools and education to maintain a healthy smile while at home. 


About Us

ChildSmiles Dental is one of South Carolina’s newest public health dental prevention program providers.  We operate under the clinical direction of Monique Williams, DDS, MBA, PhD(c).  Our school-based dental program has partnered with the Marion County School District to bring quality dental care to our local schools.  We, also, assist the district with referring children with unmet oral heath needs to dentists in our community to receive affordable comprehensive dental care.  


ChildSmiles Dental is a philanthropic organization founded, in part by Chanda Mason, to enrich the smiles and lives of children residing in Marion County.    We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Healthy ChildSmiles, LLC.


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