Marion County's School-Based Dental Prevention Services

We want all children in Marion County to have access to high-quality, school-based oral health prevention services. Dental sealants prevent 80% of cavities in back teeth, where 9 in 10 cavities occur. Sealants are a quick, easy and painless way to prevent most cavities children get and they can be applied by a dentist or dental hygienist at your child’s school. Applying sealants in schools saves your child time away from class and prevents your child from developing cavities which can cause pain, discomfort, and make learning or concentrating in class difficult. 

Register your child to receive dental sealants and other preventive services at school today!

ChildSmiles Dental is now serving at the following Marion County schools:

  • Academy of Early Learning
  • Creekbridge STEM Academy
  • Mullins High  School
  • Palmetto Middle School
  • McCormick Elementary School
  • North Mullins Primary School
  • Marion High School
  • Johnakin Middle School
  • Marion Intermediate School
  • Easterling Primary School